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If you are thinking about purchasing a blood pressure device, it’s really important that you consider several options before making a wise decision.

Your time will be well spent investigating the types, quality, and features
of any blood pressure machine for home use before you buy it.

The Omron M6 Comfort should be on the top of your list for inquiry.

Have Hypertention?

Don’t panic. Be proactive.

Chances are that your physician or health care practioner has advised you to monitor your cardiac status at home.

It would be wise to check out the three types of monitoring devices available for you to consider.

A World Of Choice

A sphygmomanometer is the official medical name for any unit that measure blood pressure. It is composed of a pressure reading system, a cuff, and a stethoscope.

The best and most convenient of all of these are built in one unit.
Automatic or digital units contain all three of these tools in one device.

The Ormon M6 Comfort blood pressure monitor contains all three and much more for ease of use and exactness in measurement.

It has been rated the best, and has proved to be that in its convenience of use and simplicity in design.  This award winning medical device is the top of the line in technology and precision.

OMRON Healthcare Co. was awarded both iF Product Design Award and Universal Design Award for the Omron M6 Comfort line in this year’s 2011-2012 competition. 

The Total Package

The Omron M6 Comfort is effortless to use. You can begin to take your measurements on your own.

You just have to push a button to power on, place the cuff around your arm, and click the "start" button. That’s it. The rest is left up to the M6.

One especially nice feature is the warning if you have wiggled around too much during the reading. This built-in fuction will help eliminate false results. 

You Gotta Have Heart and Much More

If you are going to begin a healthy life style plan to lower those numbers (or a member of your family), it’s wise to get a good basic understanding of what blood pressure is. 

Blood Pressure Triad

Your blood pressure is composed of three parts.

The Heart

Your heart pumps the blood from an opening or large tube called the aorta.

It then makes sure that the blood which is filled with oxygen travels through other pipes (arteries, arterioles, capillaries) and back again to the heart via
another set of pipes (veins and venules).

Your heart never stops pumping blood into your body and returning that blood back again. The stronger and faster the beat of the heart, the greater there is pressure in the system.

The Blood Vessels

The large artery that comes directly off your heart eventually becomes smaller and smaller into braches. They are known as arteries.

Those arteries again dwindle to become even tinier, and are knows as arterioles.

The arterioles now branch into capillaries which are the smallest blood vessels. These tiny pipes are very porous and extensive.

Capillaries spread through every part of a person’s body.

The blood held in the capillaries delivers oxygen to your tissues and organs.
They also pick up the waste in the form of carbon dioxide and other materials. 

The Road Is Long

Exiting is simple. Carbon dioxide and other substances latch on then to venules, which form larger and larger veins that eventually journey back to your heart.

Your heart would not be able to make a complete cycle if all the veins and arteries were just mushy, pliable tubes – much like a wet noodle with no substance.

The pressure being pumped against those pipes would finally diminish after it exited the heart and blood would not be able to travel anywhere.

Big And Strong

The good news is that we are amazingly designed with arteries that have walls which are lined with muscles that prevents tubes from becoming mushy.
This aids the blood to move along.

The tighter and more stiff the arteries become, the more inflexible the pipes and the heart can now push each volume of blood father away.

Veins do not have this mechanism. They are only governable for dilation control. In addition they have valves to prevent blood flowing back.

The venous system only has one mission – to return blood back to the heart and lungs in a system that is closed.

As long as there is adequate pressure on the arterial end of the system to ensure oxygenated blood to get all way through to those tiny capillaries –
that is sufficient.

Blood Volume – Too Much A Good Thing?

The last and final element of the blood pressure triad is the amount of blood in your body’s system.
Your kidneys are a major player. It’s their job to manage salt and water volume to be kept in check.

Renal (kidney) function allows water by volume to leave your system or recoup it back into the circulatory system. This will be determined by how much volume your body needs to keep your blood pressure in optimum shape.

Off Balance?

Any change in the balance of the triad will cause a change in your cardiovascular health.

High blood pressure is a condition which is common in both men and women.

The continued force of the blood assist the walls of your artery can be dangerously high enough that eventually down the road will cause health problems, such as stroke or disease of the heart.

The Omron M6 Comfort can assist in monitoring your cardiovascular status to help prevent this from happening. 

The more blood your heart pumps and the narrower your arteries, the higher your blood pressure will be. Many people are walking around with high blood pressure and having been doing so for years without any signs or symptoms until it is too late.

If you do not control your blood pressure, you are risking serious health issues that may lead to stroke, kidney failure, or heart attack. Hypertention also has strong links to mental diminishment known as dementia.

The cause of high blood pressure is really not known. Some aspects that do affect it are diet, exercise, and weight.

That is why monitoring of your blood pressure with a blood pressure machine such as the Omron M6 Comfort is a critical factor in managing this quiet assassin.

Taking a blood pressure is not enough. You need to do it correctly for accuracy and precision. Choosing a top quality blood pressure monitor is essential in your managing this health concern.

Omron M6 Comfort Pressure Monitor

This home blood pressure machine is easy to use and has a specially designed comfort cuff.

The price is very competitive and ranges from $89.00 – $110.00.
That is a good value given the quality, functions and features of this device.

The unit contains Intellisense Technology which guarantees that the correct pressure of inflation is identified, which again will enhance the comfort and ease of the user.

If your results are not accurate, a small alert icon is shown in the ample display widow.

The unit also features an irregular pulse detector.

Comfort Cuff

The Omron M6 Comfort has a specialized pre-designed form cuff.

It is exceptionally easy to remove and place on your arm. It is far more
comfortable than the soft pliable Omron cuffs available in other models.

The cuff fits medium-large size arms. This is a limitation for those whose arm circumference is in the small arm measurement range.

Omron M6 Comfort Additional Features

- Dual Check System: A second sensor will notify the user that the device is

- Intellisense: Patented technology which guarantees custom comfortable
  measurement of blood pressure.

- Hypertention Indicator:  Results are displayed within the  
   recommended guidelines on an easy to read bar.

- Comfort Cuff: Comfortable pressure upon use and easy to wrap around
  the arm.

- Irregular Heartbeat Detection: Notes any extra or skipped heart beats during  

- Body Movement Detection: Notifies user if movement has caused disruption in
  reading: movement. Unit accepts only accurate valid readings.

- Memory Capacity: 90 reading capacity. Date and time stamp included.

- Storage: Unit provides optimum data storage.

- Cuff Wrapping Guide: Guide will provide mapping so that the cuff is correctly
  wrapped around the arm for precise results,

- Advanced Averaging Mode: Capacities to average 3 past readings and 
  values within10 minutes of blood pressure measurement to better illustrate long
  term results.

- Dual Size Comfort Cuff: Fits medium to large size arms.

- One Button Function:  One step push to complete entire blood pressure 
   measurement and heart rate.

- Display Screen: Provides easy viewing for everyone to measure and read
  results. Has the largest size screen on the market available.

- Warranty: The Omron M6 Comfort comes with a 3 year warranty.

- Omron M6 Adapter: Recommend user purchase to conserve the cost of 

Omron M6 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor Kit Includes:

- Omron M6 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor Unit

- Storage Case To Contain Unit And Cuff

- Omron Comfort Cuff For Medium And Large Arms Size 22-42cm 
                                            (Small Size Not Available)
- Power Batteries

- Instruction manual

Given the features and quality in design, the Omron M6 Comfort should be at the top of your list as a secret weapon in your arsenal for controlling hypertention.

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